I am not a nutritionist, scientist, medical practitioner, nor in any fashion an expert on natural and herbal products.  But, as a consumer, faced with the same myriad of choices as you are, I do not wish to waste my money, nor risk my health, on ineffective products from companies who have entered the growing "natural" market just to make a quick buck.   I took the time, beginning in the 1990s, to learn a little bit about this field and various herbs, and have found some companies I trust, and whose products I believe to be effective.  I will tell you why I use each one, how I connected with the companies, and how you get their products, on the individual pages you can go to by clicking on the name of the company below

On March 13th in 2006, without a crisis event, and in the absence of most of the typical risk factors, I had quadruple by-pass open heart surgery.  Seemingly healthy, I had only been diagnosed and advised of the need for the surgery four days prior to that.  As a person who prefers to keep drug medication use to an absolute minimum, this has required a significant change in my eating habits, and a whole new arena of knowledge to acquire.  The information our society puts out regarding nutrition and healthy eating is often confusing and sometimes contradictory.  But, there is much you can do to increase your odds for a healthy, and still enjoyable, life.  For some information on heart healthy factors, and some foods my family, friends, and  I have found to help me adjust, click on the "food page" link right here. 




"There is no health issue the body cannot cure if it is given the proper nutrients and tools; short of traumatic injury, such as the loss of a limb, or a structural problem that the person was born with or developed."

- Dr. W. Alan Tomlinson


No, those are not all just for me.
But I do use a variety of items from


particularly individual herbs I need such as Saw Palmetto for prostate wellness.


I try to use more natural items externally as well.  Things such as shampoo, body lotion (especially for dry skin in the winter), deodorant, bath oils, and insect repellant.  The above companies have some very good products in these areas which I have tried, but currently I use a number of items from: 



The former Wellness Education Coordinator for the Teaching & Sharing Centers introduced me to Shaklee products in 2006.  Their environmental (earth friendly) concern is well reflected in how they do things and in their products.  It got my attention. 





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