The Ledges In Winter - Fitzgerald Park 2004

This page also has (narrowed down to) 56 photos taken over the course of several days.

January 7
January 9
January 13
February 17

The designated nature trails at Fitzgerald Park, as well as those along the river and the Ledges, are usually my primary choice of where to go when I want a special time to connect spiritually with our Creator.  Plus, it is full of opportunity for photo outings, as you see.


I was fascinated by the ice formations both here and at Oak park, and took a substantial number of pictures of them.  It can, however, be tricky getting the camera to sense the light situation.  With film, a tripod, and very slow settings (or fast film) would have been needed.  Not so with the digital camera, although it took a fair number of blurred (and sometimes overly bright) photos to determine how the camera reads the light, and how to compensate.


The ledges in these next four shots are not actually located in Fitzgerald Park.
I am taking the pictures from within the park boundaries across the river.


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